New Year Goals

10 Jan 2021

  1. Do it Yourself Board of Directors, or diy-bod. Over the past couple of years I’ve been using a collection of python scripts and cheap services to track my physical health, financial progress, and focus (or lack thereof), and then take a day each quarter to review metrics, goals, and plan the next quarter. My focus this year is to formalize quantitiative metrics for time and focus, which I’ve tracked but had difficulty creating clear goals for.

  2. Continuing Education. Specifically, a corporate finance course, SOA IFM exam, and CAS MAS-I.

  3. Reading. An interesting book per month feels about right. I’ll add those books to this site

  4. Plan and complete a backpacking trip

  5. Plan for and complete an athletic competition

  6. I have two anxieties I want to tackle in 2021; anxiety around open water swimming in cold water, and to medical emergencies. I’m going to tackle these with escalating exposure.

  7. Plan a vacation with my parents. The past year has taught me not to take anything for granted.