Trip To Pucon

08 Jul 2012

Over a long a weekend, a friend and I traveled to Pucon, a popular tourist destination. It was a great trip, and I really recommend it to anyone who goes to Chile. Link to Trip Advisor

We mainly used the lonely planet guide book, to structure the trip, with the following itinerary:

Day 0:

  • Leave Santiago and take overnight bus to Pucon. We got dropped off at 4am in a terminal in a different city, we hung around and asked each bus si ‘va a Pucon’! It was stressful but everything worked out OK.

  • Fall asleep on the bus…

Day 1:

  • We arrived in Pucon early in the morning and walked around on a path near the lake.

  • Checked into ecole, a hostel. I was happy with the accomodations

  • Reserved a next day trip up Volcano Villaricca

  • Checked out bikes and rode all the way to Lago Caburga

  • Very tired, rode back, ate dinner at the supermarket and collapsed

Day 2:

  • Woke up early and embarked on our tour up Villarica. Still one of the best experiences of my life. After a car ride to the base of the mountain, and a short explanation of gear (ice pick included!) we started the ascent. The volcano is very steep, so we went up doing switchbacks. It took about 6 hours to reach the top, afterwhich one of our companions revealed that he had carried a 6-pack of beer!

At the summit

  • The most incredible part was the descent. We took out plastic trays that we had carried up, and slid down the mountain. It was very fast.

The descent

  • By the time we finished the descent, it was getting dark. We had some bread for dinner, walked around town, and called it a day.

Day 3:

  • Again, we woke up early and took a local bus to huerquehue parque nacional (Beautiful Google Images), a beautiful national park on the outskirts of town.

  • After spending the day there, we headed back to Pucon (Careful, only a couple of buses a day. The driver on the way there in the morning will have info about the departure time).

  • Quickly grabbed dinner, and jumped on the bus back to Santiago!