A Run In The Hills Of Oaxaca

15 Mar 2013


Starting from the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, head North up the main road, and then turn west towards the hill with the white cross and antennas. You will reach a hospital. Keep ascending on the road to the right until you reach the path that goes up the hill. Near the Antennas at the very top (around mile 1 on the map), a second path shoots off to the right. Take it and it will join up with a road, which you follow straight (towards the mountains in the distance), until you find a little path. Don’t be afraid to ask people the route to the “carreterra”, or abondaned highway. I was approached by angry dogs at this point. Brandish a stick!

Once you’re on the highway (mile 3) , it’s easy going! Enjoy the beautiful three miles on the abandoned highway before heading back south.